Whether you're closing up a summer vacation home or leaving your very own home during winter for an extended period, it's important to close up for the season.

Get Inspected


Home winterization is a collection of preventative measures designed to protect homes against damage caused by cold winter temperatures.

That first chilly autumn morning is the perfect reminder that when winter arrives it can be sudden, often leaving owners unprepared for the plumbing problems associated with cold weather. People in northernmost states should take preventive action to protect their plumbing systems by late October. So what should you do to ensure that when your family returns you won't find a nightmare waiting? Let us take care of it!

Why get winterized?

Water damage caused by bursting pipes during cold weather can be devastating. A ruptured pipe will release water and not stop until someone shuts off the water. If no one is home to do this, an enormous quantity of water can flood a house and cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage.

What included in Winterization?

  • Drain all water lines using compressed air to assure no water is left the lines.
  • Drain hot water tanks and pressure-test the system for possible leaks.
  • Toilets are cleaned and flushed and Antifreeze is added to bowls and tanks.
  • Antifreeze is added to sink drains and traps.
  • Disconnect any outside water hoses and inspect spigots.
  • Inspect and clean sump pit.