About Building Inspector

We’re passionate about trying new things and revolutionizing our industry. And we’re committed to doing so safely, in a way that takes care of our people, our customers, the communities in which we operate and the environment. We keep up to date with the latest technologies, building codes, zoning codes and environmental regulations.

Building Inspector offers inspection services that help our customers make tough decisions that involve asset maintenance, safety, and sustainable growth. We combine cutting-edge nondestructive testing technologies with experienced field engineers to provide the analysis you need to choose the most appropriate path.

Building Inspector
is the leader in industrial,
commercial, and residential
real estate inspections.

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We designs our inspection services around the tough choices that companies face today: balancing cost control and other short-term challenges with the long-term outlook of sustainable growth. The opportunity to optimize the reliability of your equipment comes from having the confidence in making the right choices first. Building Inspector brings truly cutting-edge technology in the hands of certified technicians to reduce downtime and provide the analysis you need, down to the most detailed level of risk assessment available.

Our dedicated personnel – powered by knowledge and focused on mitigating risk.

Avoid the physical risks associated with investing in a commercial property.

We offer a wide range of professional home inspection services to protect you.

We specialize in working with contractors to ensure the project is done right.