Testing Services

Testing Services

We offer laboratory testing services for mold, radon, lead, air quality, soil, asbestos, and drinking water pollutants with results available in five business days.

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Testing Services

A clean and safe environment is a prerequisite for health and quality of life.

Radon, lead, water and mold analysis results are generally ready five business days after the samples are taken. Some tests results can take longer to receive as it depends on the type of testing and the laboratory used to process the results.

Lead Testing Services

Lead is a toxic metal that was used for many years in products found in and around our homes. Lead also can be emitted into the air from industrial sources and leaded aviation gasoline, and lead can enter drinking water from plumbing materials. Lead may cause a range of health effects, from behavioral problems and learning disabilities, to seizures and death. Children six years old and under are most at risk.

Mold Testing Services

Although there are many types of mold, one of the most concerning is Stachybotrys chartarum, or “Black mold,” also referred to as “toxic mold” and is a leading catalyst in causing chronic sinus infections, breathing problems and other allergy symptoms. It is often found within walls and around leaky pipes or air ducts. A type of Mold Testing, referred to as thermal imaging, can show our clients where water has gathered throughout their building or home, so that mold samples can be extracted from accurate locations, often before evidence of mold has surfaced.

Radon Testing Services

Radon, a naturally occurring chemical gas, that when ingested or inhaled over time, leads to cancer and other health conditions. Radon Act 51, passed by Congress, set the natural outdoor level of radon gas (0.4 pCi/L) as the target radon level for indoor radon levels. Unfortunately two-thirds of all homes exceed this level. Radon Testing is the only way to know if you have radon levels that exceed the recommended exposure limit. We offer professional radon testing and laboratory services and provide objective documentation of the current radon levels in your home. This professional documentation is useful for radon mitigation and home sales.

Asbestos Testing Services

Asbestos is a mineral found in many building materials used before 1990. Since then, the EPA has had strict regulations on the use of asbestos when concerning building materials and appliances. Long-term exposure to asbestos has been linked to many negative health effects, respiratory infections and cancer. Due to it’s presence in buildings built prior to 1990, or materials used to build newer buildings with recycled building materials, it is important to test your home for asbestos if you suspect it could be present in your. Asbestos Testing is the only way to know if you have an asbestos problem.

Water Testing Services

Water is the most crucial element for all life. Having clean, safe water is essential to keeping your home, business or school in good health. With the risk of radon contamination or other chemical build up in water, it is vitally important to test for water purity. The only way to know what chemicals are in your water is to test for them. Building Inspector offers a range of water testing services to meet our clients unique needs. Whether it be drinking water testing, groundwater, well water, surface water or wastewater.

Soil Testing Services

Soil testing is important for both agricultural clients and our clients who are looking to build on new property, or remodel an existing building. We test in two different ways depending on our clients needs. For agricultural clients, we test for soil contaminants, such as radon and lead, as well as the soil’s nutrient content. Ph is important for determining what crops will most likely succeed in certain soils. For our industrial clients or those wishing to build a home or building, we perform testing to determine the buildability, flood potential and quality of the soil on a buildable property site.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is a broad term that describes occupant comfort in a built environment. Where the term Indoor Air Quality characterizes the condition of the air inside a building, IEQ goes further and includes sound, vibration, lighting and other variables that can impact the comfort of those living in a home. Health symptoms such as headaches, severe fatigue, sinusitis, rhinitis and asthma can occur if there is an IEQ/IAQ issue.

* This inspection should be performed anywhere from 30 days after taking possession to the one year anniversary. All safety hazards, repairs, and adjustments should be professionally documented BEFORE your Builder is relieved of their responsibility under the one year warranty.